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Find Your Classroom Confidence Again

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Academic tutoring and classes

The Annandale School for Traditional Academics provides tutoring and classes in a wide variety of academic subjects, from middle school through college, including math, probability, statistics, economics, chemistry, biology, and physics.

Private tutoring is available at our office on Backlick Road for $60 per hour. Call or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

Writing classes

We will teach you to improve your writing, whether for school, for work, or for your own enjoyment. Our spring writing class schedule will be available soon.

Managers, we will teach your team to write better. Contact us today to schedule a course at your site.


The Annandale School loves homeschoolers! Dr. Rebecca is a homeschool mom herself. Our tutoring services are available for only $40 per hour for sessions that end before 3:00 pm on school days. For the spring semester we are planning daytime classes, field trips and events for homeschoolers—join our email newsletter for details

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Who we are

The Annandale School for Traditional Academics was founded in 2016 by two siblings, Rebecca and Daniel Menes.

Rebecca has a PhD in Economics and an AB in Chemistry, both from Harvard University. She has over two decades of teaching experience, both as a university teacher and private tutor. She also teaches at home where her eleven-year-old son is a home scholar.

Daniel is an intellectual jack-of-all trades. His bachelors degree, from the University of Virginia, is in History, but he has also made an extensive study of mathematics. He worked as a professional economist for about a decade, and another decade in computer programming and software development. During his time as an economist, he specialized in explaining highly technical results to non-technical audiences.

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