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Sunday, 10/16: FREE Beta Test of Writing Class


If you want to attend Sunday's free beta-test of our new writing class, PLEASE RSVP before midnight, Friday, October 14, by emailing, or by calling (571) 549‑1100.

This is your chance to sample our new writing class FOR FREE!! Seats are limited. We are running a "beta test" trial of our brand new writing class. Once we have tested the class, we'll be offering it for real money, but if you join our test audience, the course will be free.

The first class will be this Sunday, October 16, at 10:00 am at our Backlick Road office. The full course is three sessions, which will be given on three consecutive Sundays (10/16, 10/23 and 10/30). You do not need to commit to all three sessions.

Write clearer, more effective prose in three class sessions

Have you ever written something that you think is clear and persuasive, only to have someone read it and tell you that they are lost and confused? This happens to every writer. It happens because reading and writing involve very different mental processes. Our class teaches you how to read your own prose in the same way that a reader will encounter it. You will learn to identify and correct certain patterns which seem perfectly clear when you write them, but which leave your readers confused.

Our course is inspired by the University of Chicago's renowned "Little Red Schoolhouse" program.* The course is primarily intended for adults, college students and high school students. Advanced middle school students may also benefit, provided they have a solid grounding in grammar. It does not matter how good (or bad) a writer you are today: we believe that this course can help anyone write better.

Who will be interested in the Annandale School for Traditional Academics?

  1. Students wishing to do better in a class or on a test, will be interested in conventional tutoring services and our "group sections" focusing on certain subjects that commonly challenge middle- and high-school students.
  2. Home educators and home scholars, will be interested in individual tutoring and group classes, both of which we offer at reduced prices during regular school hours. Home educators may also want consultation and advice from our resident home school mom (and Harvard PhD) Rebecca.
  3. Anyone, age 10 to adult, may be interested in exploring intellectual worlds beyond what they learned in school, with our evening and weekend personal enrichment classes.
  4. Managers, team leaders, and other professionals will be interested in our on-site writing program, with more corporate training programs to come in the future.

For more information, contact

Who we are

The Annandale School for Traditional Academics was founded in 2016 by two siblings, Rebecca and Daniel Menes.

Rebecca has a PhD in Economics and an AB in Chemistry, both from Harvard University. She has over two decades of teaching experience, both as a university teacher and private tutor. She also teaches at home where her eleven-year-old son is a home scholar.

Daniel is an intellectual jack-of-all trades. His bachelors degree, from the University of Virginia, is in History, but he has also made an extensive study of mathematics. He worked as a professional economist for about a decade, and another decade in computer programming and software development.

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